Zucchini Pesto



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Zucchini Pesto


  • Product Description

      Our freshly made zucchini pesto is the perfect summer pasta sauce - just cook some pasta, toss it in the uncooked sauce, and it's ready to enjoy.

      This delicious pesto contains no cheese, so it's lactose-free and vegan.

      One 16 oz size of pesto is ideal for standard 500 ml package dried pasta. 

      Instructions - Do not heat up the sauce. Empty pesto into a mixing bowl and cook pasta separately. When pasta is cooked, lightly drain and toss into bowl with room temperature pesto and 1/4 cup cooking water. Mix well and eat right away.

      Pairs well with - Rustic pastas like our semolina tripoline and our spelt casarecce. 

      Ingredients - Zucchini, pistachio, basil, chile flakes, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt.

      Storage - Keeps up to 14 days in fridge (but best to add a bit of olive oil, and stir, to keep it fresh). Freezes well.

      Leftovers tip - If you have a small amount of leftover pesto, use it to add a little extra flavour to soups sauces or vegetable dishes!